Kimberley McDowell

Meet Instructor Mrs. Kimberley McDowell - 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor.

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Mrs. Kimberley McDowell nee Gordon is a 2nd Degree Rec. Black Belt and is the fifth of her siblings to practice the art of Taekwondo and the 3rd to attain their Black Belt with Sidekicks Taekwondo.

She has been practicing taekwondo since an early age and credits the art for its teachings and influence on her professional and personal life. She is an Attorney-at-Law in Jamaica and practices in the civil litigation department at Messrs. Grant, Stewart, Phillips & Co.

Mrs. McDowell seeks to help others in acquiring the benefits associated with practicing martial arts and specifically wishes to aid in the growth and development of our youth.

She is an assistant instructor at the Spanish Town Sidekicks School that is run by her husband, 4th Degree Black Belt, Sabum Phillip McDowell.


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