Kevin McDowell

Kevin McDowellMeet Instructor Mr. Kevin McDowell - 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor.

Kevin McDowell

Mr. McDowell, a 4th degree black belt, has been studying the art of Taekwondo ever since he was just only 4 years' old.

He began his martial arts training under the guidance of his father master Mcdowell. A gifted and strong martial art competitor and instructor, he has maintained his training over the past 25 years. A mainstream local competitive fighter as well as top junior competitor in the 1990s, Kevin returned to competition after pursuing a career as an international model with Saint International.

He joined the Buster Fighter Team to pursue international fighting in 2009 - see article, and increased his training for this endavour.

Mr. McDowell is an instructor that shows his passion in his training, teaching and competitiveness. He is currently being schooled by Grand Master Maurice Orange in the art of Effective Martial Business Management and international Sidekicks martial arts instruction for certified instructors.

As a public servant, Mr. McDowell also teaches classes in aerobics, self defence and yoga in his spare time.



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