Master Instructor McDowell

Meet Delroy McDowell, Sidekicks Jamaica 6th degree black belt Instructor.

Sabumnim McDowell

Delroy McDowell, a 6th degree black belt, is a full time professional graphic designer and a graduate of the Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts. He has been studying the art of Taekwondo for over 40 years. He began his martial arts training by way of martial arts books with friends who share similar interests in the martial arts. He first started learning Hung Gar Kung Fu with a visiting friend from the United States in the early 70s. This was short lived with the instructor returning home. His other earlier
contact was the study of Mu duk kwan Taekwondo at the Dragon Gym in Kingston.
He later had the opportunity to begin studying the traditions and systems of ITF and WTF style Taekwondo under Sabumnim Garth King (a 4th degree black belt in ITF at that time) in July 1976. Mr King gave up instructing in 1984 and providing Mr. McDowell with the untimely task of carrying on with the clubs activities at the Kingston YMCA. In the summer of 1987 he began learning the philosophies and traditions of Songahm Taekwondo under Master Maurice Orange, then the regional Vice President of the state of California for the American Taekwondo Association, whose master instructor then was Haeng Ung Lee. Mr McDowell has had many travels overseas at clinics, seminars and instructors training programmes studying the art of Songahm Taekwondo under Master Orange.
Apart from being one of the authority in the martial arts in Jamaica, Master McDowell has established himself as one of the pioneers and respected instructors in the martial arts fraternity in Jamaica. He has performed many demonstrations, taught in seminars, self defense programmes for security officers and personal protection techniques lectures for adults and teenagers. He was also an avid participant in national competitions in the early 80s. Mr McDowell now lives in St. Catherine, Jamaica with his wife Maria and three children, Kevin, Phillip, and Kristen, all of whom practice Taekwondo. His son Maurice who was also a student and black belt in the art, died of systemic lupus in July 2009.

Sidekicks Taekwondo is now the system which Mr McDowell practices. The style was founded by master Maurice Orange when he resigned from the American Taekwondo Association/Songahm Taekwondo Federation. The pages on this website are an effort by Sabumnin McDowell to give some basic information about SidekickS in Jamaica for all its members and other martial artists whose level of interest will be rewarded by the contents of these pages.

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